Saturday, October 31, 2020

My new 61.5 sq ft home!

I've been prowling the Facebook marketplace for used trailers and campers before I deleted my account. And that was literally the only thing holding me back from taking that last step. Since I lives at my parent's property in Alabama, they are very aware of my desire to live off the grid very similarly to Elsa Rhae on YouTube. So they sent out a call asking for any info on any potential lightweight campers around the area. Nearly immediately we got informed of a few. The very first camper we looked at ended up being perfect for my need!

It's an 1988 Coleman Williamsburg. It have a working AC ceiling unit which I'm looking into figuring out how much power draw it have. There's a tiny bath tub with shower curtain rolled up to the ceiling and there's even a mattress seat to cover the tub with so there's extra seating! There are non-functional water heater and fridge that I plan to rip out and increase the storage space some. There's a sink and a built in propane stove.

I've already done some pretty significant modification to the camper itself. I've ripped out the pull out beds and cut the canvas on these sides down so I would have just flat walls on each side. This significantly made setup and breakdown much much simpler. It will also reduce the amount of space needed to be heated up or cooled down. Currently I'm needing to use a sewing awl to sew the corners of these wall together and then once that's done, I'll be able to take the windows from the end of the old beds and stitch it back onto the wall. This way I would still have significant lighting allowed inside the camper. I may choose to wait until later to complete the windows though as the temperature is dropping so having solids wall will help with this until I've secured a heater for the camper.

And yes, I still have a bed. I just use the dinette convertible as my beds at night and sometimes set up the dinette for when I'm needing the table space indoor.

I've also basically ripped out all of the water storage and piping from the camper as they seemed old and I couldn't be sure how clean it was on the inside considering that it's nearly as old as I am! The sink is still working, I just use the tea kettle I have to pour waters in as needed and the drainage is still hooked up.

I'm also wanting to rip out all of the propane lines from the camper and instead use an adapter to directly connect the built in propane stove to the tank out on the tongue with a hose. The bottom of the new walls are Velcros so it's very easy to just snake the hose from the tank to the stove without needing to create any new holes and whatnot.

I've recently measured out the square footage and it came to 10 ft 3 inches long and 6 ft 6 inches wide so 61.6 square foot. Just perfect for me!

Unfortunately I have not snapped pictures or filmed any videos of the modifications being done yet so here's a pic of the camper before I dove in completely with my mods :)

Friday, October 16, 2020

What now? Having no social media and going nomadic in the internet age

I'm hanging on a thread with my last social media, Facebook, now thanks to trying to sell my PC locally. Unfortunately it's rather difficult to sell many items locally offline so I'm forced to wait until my most expensive item are sold. I'll take the risk with trying to sell my other stuff off FB. But I can take some steps to reduce my distractions in the meantime.

I've been deleting most people off my friend lists (specifically those who already have my contact info outside of FB), quit all groups, unliked everything. Now there's virtually no notifications at all except for the facebook marketplace.

Unfortunately I'm also trying to learn how to find local resources at the same time and virtually everything just works better with facebook. So I will have to learn this the hard way. For example, suppose I drive and stop somewhere in Kansas on the way to Colorado and want to find a farmer market, CSA, or something similar so I could get healthy organic foods? Local FB groups usually have all of these info. But I'm limited to USDA farmer market database, google-fu skills, and whatnot.

Also, virtually ALL deaf communities exist mostly only on Facebook. So I will have to build up a LOT of local connections wherever I go to find out everything I need to know.

This will be a very interesting experience for me to learn from. Ultimately this'll help me focus on myself rather than constantly mentally jumping about something ephemeral.


Let my days end with the glow of a campfire instead of the glare of the glass screens...

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Managing my internet addiction

I've known for a long time that I have an addictive personality. I'm sure there's some deep rooted cause behind that but in any case, this means it's a struggle for me to concentrate on my actual goals. I have a whole list of stuff that I dream of doing and quite frankly, it's extremely affordable compared to many other people's bucket list. But couple my addictiveness with some anxiety and communication barrier (as I'm deaf), I've been shying away from actually moving forward with my dreams. 

I've always struggled with alcohols but thankfully I'm not the type to aim for blackout drunk most of the time. I've always been addicted to the internet since early teen years and much worse since high school. I tend to have an extreme one track mind whenever I encounter a new thing of interest.

All that combined makes it difficult for me to get in shape, to not obsess over things online, drains my money some to spend on electronics and alcohols, and the like.

I still drinks. But I kind of have my family here to help and it haven't been too bad so far. Internet addiction is my current issue and since I've moved to Alabama from Philly in the start of the year and then all the virus issues interfered with my plans, I kind of withdrew into the internet world and then allowed the political and civil right issues overwhelm me for a good while. Unfortunately that tempted me to drink more and more.

I decided to take a digital media break for a full month a short while ago and noticed how much mental clarity I've taken back. Unfortunately I've felt lonely. Remember, I'm deaf. So I depends on using America Sign Language and have missed conversing with people in what's essentially my native language. So I've gone back to Facebook and all the rest of my social media accounts. I've tried to wrangle them to only focus on the things I wish to pursue and the deaf communities online. Unfortunately I went straight back to obsessing with online crap. I've recognized that and tried to manage that for a couple weeks. I've failed.

So I forced myself to actually completely delete all but a few of my social media instead of merely deactivating. I've deleted SnapChat, Instagram (hence why all my photo posts on this site dissapeared), Twitter, and more. Even for things like Tinder, IFTTT, and more. I've also left quite a few servers on Discord. I'm considering just selling my fitbit watch and WaHoo bike sensors since I wouldn't really be sharing my progress with people anyway and I'm only interested in recording my routes only. So I only need to bring my phone along but without actually needing to watch any screen or respond to any notifications immediately.

I now only interact with a single server on Discord that actually was established by the couple that inspired my dream of living out of a camper so that's definitely beneficial for my dream.

I still have my Facebook account but I have removed their apps from my phone, iPad, and laptop. The only exception is the messenger app on my phone and that's purely for until I've sold off a few of the higher ticket items I have listed on the marketplace (craigslist and the like around here is overwhelming full of scams). Once I'm done selling those few items, I'm considering just deleting my Facebook account completely. I've joined a few deaf groups on there but just haven't really felt very involved at all for a while now.

That's all the online stuff. I'm also making progress at simplifying my home setup regarding electronics and minimalism.

I've sold my propriety and found an old android based eink reader for $4 so I wouldn't need a propriety account to even read free ebooks from sites outside of company's control (I've hacked the Nook so I don't even have to deal with Barnes and Noble ads and whatnot). I switched to a basic android phone and sold my iPhone XS Max. I've switched to a fitbit and sold my apple watch (and now I'm considering selling the fitbit). Etc...

I've built a pretty decent PC tower because my laptop was dealing with some glitches and I thought I could benefit from having a sufficiently powerful system for digital art (3d modelling, graphic designs, etc...) and programmings/app development (arduino, Unity, etc...) and maybe a little gaming. Unfortunately I've only really used the pc for gaming as I ended up not being able to justify the cost of this PC. I tried one last time to fix my laptop and finally figured out that I needed a beta graphical driver to stop all the glitches that were interfering with my day to day use of the laptop. And once that got fixed, I was pretty impressed with how powerful the laptop actually were considering the cost (it was on sale for a touch under $300 and I upgraded the ram to 32GB). I'm now listing the PC up for sale and hoping to at least break even on the cost of building the PC tower.

Right now, I'm hoping to limit my electronics to just my camera, cheap android phone, iPad Pro (never getting rid of this one tho), Nook ereader, and a laptop. This limit would only help me out once I've found a camper to live out in and once I'm able to start going on long backpacking trips. This also serves to assist me with reducing my internet addiction.

I do have one last internet addiction of sort left to fix which is a particular site that writes a lot of superhero stories and I rather like how fanfictions rehashes these stories a lot. But it's getting to be a bit much so I'm trying to use my Nook to break that addiction and focus more on actual long stories and actual ebooks rather than multiple episodic short stories.

I guess this is a good overview of my addictions that I'm trying to deal with and what I've done so far. Hopefully this explains some of my approach to the future blog posts on this site and why I'm trying hard to be off all social medias. I do have a Blogger app on my phone so I should be able to write up posts without too much distractions. I'm not always the best blogger (some of y'all knows how often I tried to attempt doing this in the past) but I'll try. And frankly, with being off all the social media, my mind feels a lot better and I think it'll be easier for me to actually make contents for the site. 

However, I can't focus on monetization (sort of anti-capitalism) and I'm kind of anti-branding when it comes to products. So it'll be interesting trying to keep that in mind when I make more contents. Likely I'll document my attempts to prepare for a nomadic lifestyle and learning all sort of stuff. Including things like cooking new recipes, renovating a camper, truck repairs, etc...

My new 61.5 sq ft home!