Testing the email to post feature

Hello, I kind of am curious about the most efficient way to post to my blog and since blogger doesn't have any app at all, I had to search around for options.

Blogger post page via browsers are extremely clunky to use on even a large screened phones. So I went through the settings and found that there is an option to email to a secret @blogger.com email address and have that automatically post it for you. I opted for it to post immediately since I can always just save it as a draft inside my email app instead of a draft on the blogger site.

Anyway, gonna attach a photo to the email and see if it shows up! Should have two images of my Appalachian Trail stuff, specifically a photo of my backpack (that's not finalized in term of packing just yet so it's looking lumpy lol) and my 3F Lanshan 2 tent which aren't perfectly Setup since I was experimenting with slightly different stake points and whatnot.


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