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posting via phone test

Testing the ability to type and edit posts on my tiny phone. The official blogger app just does not seem to be working so I'm currently attempting to do this via Firefox browser. My options is a little limited but it's still a viable method for me to make a text post if I want to, it seems.

Edit: got blogger app to work on my phone now. It's a lot better this way! Making a post via browser is fine but it's impossible to edit after publishing the post. Glad the app decided to cooperate!

The pic is of my new kitty, Tigger. He's quite active!!!


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Becoming more photocentric

I've recently picked up a tiny tiny android smartphone called Unihertz Jelly Pro which is actually working out pretty well for me. To the point that I decided to play around with trying to upload full sized photos from my Sony A6000 mirrorless camera via the Jelly. And it does seem to be working!

I've had a passion for photography in the past that sort of got smothered by a bad marriage and divorce. So it is taking me a long while to get over some of the other craps that popped up since then (internet addiction for one thing, actually one of several reason I picked up this phone). Now I've been playing with my camera and enjoying messing with using my phone to 'try' to edit and upload these pics. Instagram had no issue with some of them so far.
Now my next step is to try and see if it's possible to upload a full sized image via the Blogger app on the Jelly Pro. For that step though, I have to adjust my site to be more photocentric. Hopefully this works out well …