Saturday, October 31, 2020

My new 61.5 sq ft home!

I've been prowling the Facebook marketplace for used trailers and campers before I deleted my account. And that was literally the only thing holding me back from taking that last step. Since I lives at my parent's property in Alabama, they are very aware of my desire to live off the grid very similarly to Elsa Rhae on YouTube. So they sent out a call asking for any info on any potential lightweight campers around the area. Nearly immediately we got informed of a few. The very first camper we looked at ended up being perfect for my need!

It's an 1988 Coleman Williamsburg. It have a working AC ceiling unit which I'm looking into figuring out how much power draw it have. There's a tiny bath tub with shower curtain rolled up to the ceiling and there's even a mattress seat to cover the tub with so there's extra seating! There are non-functional water heater and fridge that I plan to rip out and increase the storage space some. There's a sink and a built in propane stove.

I've already done some pretty significant modification to the camper itself. I've ripped out the pull out beds and cut the canvas on these sides down so I would have just flat walls on each side. This significantly made setup and breakdown much much simpler. It will also reduce the amount of space needed to be heated up or cooled down. Currently I'm needing to use a sewing awl to sew the corners of these wall together and then once that's done, I'll be able to take the windows from the end of the old beds and stitch it back onto the wall. This way I would still have significant lighting allowed inside the camper. I may choose to wait until later to complete the windows though as the temperature is dropping so having solids wall will help with this until I've secured a heater for the camper.

And yes, I still have a bed. I just use the dinette convertible as my beds at night and sometimes set up the dinette for when I'm needing the table space indoor.

I've also basically ripped out all of the water storage and piping from the camper as they seemed old and I couldn't be sure how clean it was on the inside considering that it's nearly as old as I am! The sink is still working, I just use the tea kettle I have to pour waters in as needed and the drainage is still hooked up.

I'm also wanting to rip out all of the propane lines from the camper and instead use an adapter to directly connect the built in propane stove to the tank out on the tongue with a hose. The bottom of the new walls are Velcros so it's very easy to just snake the hose from the tank to the stove without needing to create any new holes and whatnot.

I've recently measured out the square footage and it came to 10 ft 3 inches long and 6 ft 6 inches wide so 61.6 square foot. Just perfect for me!

Unfortunately I have not snapped pictures or filmed any videos of the modifications being done yet so here's a pic of the camper before I dove in completely with my mods :)

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My new 61.5 sq ft home!