Friday, October 16, 2020

What now? Having no social media and going nomadic in the internet age

I'm hanging on a thread with my last social media, Facebook, now thanks to trying to sell my PC locally. Unfortunately it's rather difficult to sell many items locally offline so I'm forced to wait until my most expensive item are sold. I'll take the risk with trying to sell my other stuff off FB. But I can take some steps to reduce my distractions in the meantime.

I've been deleting most people off my friend lists (specifically those who already have my contact info outside of FB), quit all groups, unliked everything. Now there's virtually no notifications at all except for the facebook marketplace.

Unfortunately I'm also trying to learn how to find local resources at the same time and virtually everything just works better with facebook. So I will have to learn this the hard way. For example, suppose I drive and stop somewhere in Kansas on the way to Colorado and want to find a farmer market, CSA, or something similar so I could get healthy organic foods? Local FB groups usually have all of these info. But I'm limited to USDA farmer market database, google-fu skills, and whatnot.

Also, virtually ALL deaf communities exist mostly only on Facebook. So I will have to build up a LOT of local connections wherever I go to find out everything I need to know.

This will be a very interesting experience for me to learn from. Ultimately this'll help me focus on myself rather than constantly mentally jumping about something ephemeral.


Let my days end with the glow of a campfire instead of the glare of the glass screens...

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